Oh, you fancy, huh?


Couch, check.

Chinese food, check.

Truffle Shuffled, check.

Now that I am all settled in, I am now ready to review one of the most beloved and hated children’s adventure movies that i grew up watching. I only hated it because I never got into this type of awesome mischief as a kid. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve fucked some shit up in my day and to no avail it never ended in me finding any rich stuff. But I have covered things in chocolate and eaten my way through them and have certainly set my share of booty traps. In fact go grab yourself a snickers bar and rub it all over your screen and eat your way through this review.

The Goonies‘ is an action/adventure from the minds of Steven Spielberg and Richard Donner. The story follows a group of misfits known around town as the title characters and their journeys into the Astoria underworld as they attempt to save the Goon Docks. If none of this is making any sense to you then you must have been an outdoor kid. Congratulations. Alas, it is not too late for you my friend. THE GANGThe cast includes Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman, Sean Astin, Anne Ramsey, and Mary Ellen Trainor, who also played the mother in the “better goonies”, ‘The Monster Squad‘. I’m not saying ‘The Goonies’ is bad in any way, I’m just a horror nerd.

So, as you probably guessed, I have pictures of your mom and I’ll sell them to you, REAL CHEAP, which translates to…AltDaily is taking over the projector at The Naro (map) on Friday, June 21st, 2013 and showing ‘The Goonies’ at 9 pm. There will be one eyed willies for sale, a costume contest, lots of prizes and of course the classic film being projected on the big screen! It will be awesome for all attendees. Click here for more info and to RSVP on Facebook.

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading.


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I love horror and comedies mainly, My quest is to give my fellow bloggers brief reviews of the best and worst of horror tv and film with a twist of humor. My site will also display trailers of movies that i love and/or want to see. Please Enjoy! and share if you like what you read! I am also an avid musician and songwriter, short story writer, actor and student of computer science and graphic design. My bands include The Alaskan (alternative one man band), Slide of Hand (alternative comedy), and Happy Scrappy: Hero Pup (Improv Noise), links to all my music sites are listed below if you'd like a listen. I am certainly no expert when it comes to horror and comedy, my ego is just big enough to think people will read and enjoy, hopefully laugh at my posts. I know im not the only fucked up person in this world...ENJOY MY BRAIN, ZOMBIES!

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